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Over the next few years, the tertiary sector will face new challenges.

Evolution of the environmental regulation will set new standards regarding business properties from 2020 onwards : Respect of HQE standards for new building construction and obligation to improve energy performance for existing buildings.

The economic crisis and increase in the price per square meter has an impact on the price of office buildings that becomes a very significant item in the budget.
Consolidation of activities and open-space rooms have become increasingly favoured solutions. Arrangement or rearrangement of workspaces and its acceptability in modern glass architecture, poorly suited to confidentiality, are attempting the impossible.

Companies are facing three major issues :

Economic: Search for productivity gains and control of building maintenance budget.
Environmental: Reduction of business environmental impact
Human resources: Fulfill Company’s social and societal commitment by providing pleasant and efficient workspaces.

Working on buildings’ enclosure (improving thermal insulation) or improving the quality of collaborator’s work environment may boost overall performance of the company.

Many factors are at play to ensure a quality working environment, that is to say reduction of discomfort in office spaces equipped with large glass surfaces (heating control with infrared ray filters, opaque film to preserve intimacy, anti-glare treatment). Safety in sensitive buildings (devices that delays break-ins and provides explosion protection, anti-bacterial surface treatment), or change of decoration in workspaces, enhancement and embellishment of furniture (surface covering films to renovate and harmonize).
These are issues that managers are faced with and that often remain expensive and complex to implement.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a design office, an architect firm, an interior designer, do not hesitate to contact us and share your project with us. Based on our twenty years experience in the building sector, we have developed a number of innovative, economic and ecological solutions, easy to implement.


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