Urban public transport is essential to any metropolis. By helping thousands or even millions of people each day to travel in optimum and safe conditions, it contributes to the vitality and attractiveness of cities.
To ensure good transport network performance, manufacturers and operators have many challenges to meet.


Optimizing costs and maintenance time

Confronted by the test of time, use, spaces and rolling stock are damaged on a daily basis (graffiti, acid tags, scratches). Degradation significantly devalues common property, causing increased renovation and maintenance costs, equipment downtime, a slowing down of passenger service and above all creates user dissatisfaction and a general feeling of squalor and insecurity.
That is the reason why service quality objectives, contractually set by operating authorities, are very demanding (levels of cleanliness and reaction time, frequency, users’ level of satisfaction). Below a certain level, some contracts also include penalties against operators.


Cost control of public transport spaces and rolling stock degradations

Changing of organizing authorities’ liveries, optimization of sign systems, communication campaigns all represent opportunities to change, partially or totally, markings of the rolling stock and public transport areas.
Operations which may prove to be expensive and complex to implement, without disrupting line operations.


Based on twenty years experience listening to the requirements of major operators and industries in the sector, we have developed a number of simple, economic and ecological solutions, to accompany you on such issues as protection, renovation and decoration: anti-graffiti protection, glazing or stainless steel renovation, trains lamination, etc.

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